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Raz Keltsh

Since graduating from the Architectural Association, Raz Keltsh has gained several years of industry experience. Having worked as a project architect at LASSA in Belgium, T-Architecture, consulting at several other architecture firms in the Netherlands, and on other projects such as competitions and private commissions.


Having worked on projects at all scales, autonomously, and as part of a team. During his time at LASSA, Raz worked in the capacity of project architect. During this time he was in charge of executing the design and development of a five-star hotel in Greece, several villas, and a pier in Egypt. Raz participated in all phases from start to finish and strategically managed third-party consultants and specialists during detailed work and construction.

In China at Spactrum, Raz has worked on several large and substantial buildings including a convention center with a theater, an art district, and a museum and smaller but equally interesting interior designs. Raz gained knowledge of working in diverse teams and managing large and complex briefs with challenging particulars.

Other ventures include working in several startups such as ByondXR and at Bitreel as a design director to design metaverse spaces for substantial clients such as Bacardi, and Ethan Allen to name a few. 

Currently, as a licensed architect, Raz is working on several private and public commissions that include typologies from high-end residentials to schools and commercial spaces.

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